Friday, November 11, 2011

Knitting a Cowl

A few days ago, I decided to knit a cowl, a scarf knit in the round.  I chose a soft yarn, Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, 116 yards, in a dark blue.  I picked out a pattern, Feather and Fan, with a multiple of 17.

Round 1 Knit
Round 2 Knit
Round 3 *(Knit 2 together) 3 times, (Yarn Over, Knit 1) 5 times, Yarn Over, (Knit 2 together) 3 times* repeat
Round 4 Purl

I wanted  a little drape so I thought that 119 stitches would be right. I cast on with a #7 circular needle and started knitting. Too tight! Ripped out and cast on with #8, switched to #7 for the pattern, still too tight!  OK, maybe if I start the first row with the lace pattern, it will work. Start again, working alright, but  - Oh No! I twisted it when I joined.  Last chance before I dump the whole idea. Cast on 119 stitches with #8  needle, I used cable cast on and placed  markers every 17 stitches. I changed to #7 needle and knit starting with round 3, then joined.  Finally.  I knit until I ran out of yarn - (9 repeats of the pattern). ending with Round 3 and binding off in purl with the #8 needle.  Simple!