Sunday, July 23, 2006

Three Knit Mice

See how they look.
Meant to be filled with catnip as a toy for a cat.
Unlike most knit bloggers, I do not have a cat. These are a gift for Mountain Sister's cats. She also happens to be growing catnip in her garden.
I never realized how many patterns were out there for catnip mice. These are just two examples. The beige and tan mice are knit from the same pattern. I used another pattern for the navy ( I thought it was black when I knit it) mouse, which was easier to knit. I tried a pattern by a famous knit author that was much too complicated for such a small project and ended up ripping it out. And another pattern by a famous knit blogger, that had a cable stitch down the back, just didn't look right.
I'm sure these mice will be appreciated.
Didn't use up much yarn, though.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Purse & Possum

Yes, I have been compulsively knitting. Just nothing to show for it. I've knit and ripped two projects. I have a mindless afghan I work on when it's not too hot. Here is a felted purse I completed recently from leftover yarn, using the Striped Felted Tote pattern from the Oneskein book. It's about 9"x12", large enough for a notebook. I liked it so much, I started another one. I have the base done already.

Perhaps you were pondering the plight of the possum? Well, we thought he couldn't get out by himself, so we rigged up an exit route with 2x4's. Voila! Possum was gone the next day. That'll teach me to leave the lid off the compost bin.

So you think I should knit a possum with my possum yarn? I'll look for a pattern.

Monday, July 10, 2006

I Didn't Knit This

Possum in the Compost Bin

A real live animal, not knitted and stuffed like my hedgehog. I found this critter in my compost bin yesterday. His mother left him there all day, and judging from all the noise, came back late last night. He's still there today. Looks like it's his new home. Not for long, I hope. We have not had very good luck with possums around here. I won't go into detail, but they are better seen alive than dead.

But if I did want to knit a possum, I would use this yarn (a gift from b & a, when they went to New Zealand). Not sure what I'll knit with it, a scarf, a hat, mittens maybe? Any ideas?

Saturday, July 08, 2006


I'm finally rested up after the holiday weekend. Three days activity, Five days recovery. Before house guests arrived last weekend, I had to clear out the yarn, I mean guest room. Rearranging and finding new places to put things was a challenge, but I was up to it. Comments were: Gee! Your house is so clean! A success. Saturday was a birthday celebration spent at Knott's Berry Farm, billed as Orange County's first theme park. There wasn't much left of the original park, Walter would turn over in his grave. Chicken dinner was good. Sunday was shopping for clothes with sister: we worked hard. Monday, visiting and goodbye to guests. Tuesday, walking to the park to view fireworks. Did you notice? No knitting! All was good, though.