Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Knitting Challenge

I thought I would challenge myself, so I signed up for a shawl knitalong.  The yarn was a lovely cashmere lace weight, a special price for those who signed up and the pattern was free.  Several weeks were allowed for the project.  Did I mention that size 3mm needles were involved?  And short rows? And lace charts?  Perhaps I overextended myself.  After a lot of dropped stitches and ripping back, I finished by the deadline.  As I started to block it, I noticed a major mistake. I don't know how I missed it. Right in the middle of the back -  lace holes in the wrong place.  Can I live with it?
I am thinking about it.
But, this challenge did teach me a few things. Black was probably not the best color choice.   Lighting is very important.  A good manicure might have prevented snags and dropped stitches.  Watching  subtitled TV programs should have been  left for another time.
I am still thinking.