Sunday, July 23, 2006

Three Knit Mice

See how they look.
Meant to be filled with catnip as a toy for a cat.
Unlike most knit bloggers, I do not have a cat. These are a gift for Mountain Sister's cats. She also happens to be growing catnip in her garden.
I never realized how many patterns were out there for catnip mice. These are just two examples. The beige and tan mice are knit from the same pattern. I used another pattern for the navy ( I thought it was black when I knit it) mouse, which was easier to knit. I tried a pattern by a famous knit author that was much too complicated for such a small project and ended up ripping it out. And another pattern by a famous knit blogger, that had a cable stitch down the back, just didn't look right.
I'm sure these mice will be appreciated.
Didn't use up much yarn, though.

1 comment:

amanda said...

I love them! I'm not sure if our kitties would use them or not; they are not big catnip fans, but some may pounce just because they're fuzzy.
So cute!