Friday, July 08, 2016

It's Hot and I'm Knitting Blankets

Just because it's hot doesn't mean I can stop knitting.  I did say I was serious about working through a  lot of yarn this year.  So far I have made five blankets.  All were made with two strands of yarn on big needles.
The blue one is a free pattern called Oh Boy, Quick Baby Afghan, and yes it was quick.  The red one is a basketweave called Comfy and makes inexpensive yarn look good.  The brown one is the stitch pattern "Quaker Ridge". Made with two boucle yarns, it is soft and squishy.

The green one is called State Line, a pattern on Ravelry. It is simple, with lines of purl on a stockinette background.  And the last blanket pattern name is Boxes from  "Done by Monday" .

Now you would think that I have used a lot of yarn, but this didn't make a dent in my stash

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